There was a sudden flare-up of fire at Kolkata Airport, resulting in a huge fire.

In Kolkata, at 9 pm in the airport, there was a rush of passengers. Some were traveling abroad while others were heading to different cities within the country. Several passengers had arrived at the airport after taking a flight, intending to reach their homes or booked hotels. Amidst the chaos, a fire broke out, causing a sudden sensation. The incident led to a massive influx of passengers, creating a fearful atmosphere at the airport. Eventually, fire tenders were dispatched to the scene. During this time, the airport administration faced significant difficulties.

The incident occurred at around 9 pm at Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport in Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal. The fire at the airport caused confusion among the present passengers. It originated near the check-in counter, and preliminary information suggests that a short circuit was the cause of the fire.

What exactly happened?
According to an airport official, a fire broke out near departure counter number 16 at gate number 3A of Kolkata Airport. Around 9 pm, a plume of smoke suddenly appeared at gate number 3. The CISF personnel deployed at the airport were promptly informed about the incident.

The CISF personnel swiftly carried out a complete evacuation of the airport premises after the fire broke out. All passengers and crew members were safely evacuated. Fire tenders were immediately dispatched to the scene, and with the assistance of around three vehicles, the fire was successfully brought under control.

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